Assalaamualaikum. My name is Yousef Abu-Salha. I am the brother of Yusor, Razan, and Deah (رحمة الله عليهم). I simply wanted to remind everyone (myself foremost) to strive for enlightenment. A few months ago, Razan wrote me a card of encouragement which contained the following Hadith I would like to share with you all. The Messenger of Allah (S) said, “One who proceeds on a path in the pursuit of knowledge, God makes him proceed therewith on a path to the Garden (Paradise). And, verily, the angels spread their wings for the seekers of knowledge out of delight. Verily, every creature of the heaven and the earth asks forgiveness for the seeker of knowledge, even the fish in the sea. The merit of the ‘alim (the learned) over the ‘abid (the devout) is like the merit of the moon over the stars on a full-moon night. The learned are the heirs of the prophets, for the prophets did not leave behind a legacy of wealth but that of knowledge. So whoever partakes of it derives a plenteous benefit.” Our religion appeals to both the heart and the mind. Being rhetorical, analytical, and intellectual is fundamental to our progression. Allah SWT refers to believers in the Quran as those who think, those who contemplate, those who have minds, those who remember, and those who understand. Set high goals, work hard, and achieve. As we progress individually, I have faith that we will progress as an ummah. Oh Allah, increase us in knowledge! اللهم علمنا ما ينفعنا وانفعنا بما علمتنا وزدنا علماً. اللهم علمنا ما جهلنا وذكرنا ما نسينا وزدنا علماً. امين. I apologize for such a long post. JAK for reading. Ramadan Mubarak and Assalaamualaikum.” - Yousef #Palestinian #Muslim living in #Raleigh #NorthCarolina #MuslimsoftheWorld1