What Happens when Someone Asks if You could Defend Women's Rights While Being a Practising Muslim

Someone had a question for American Muslim lawyer Qasim Rashid:

“I’m confused how you could be a women’s rights defender while being a practicing Muslim?”

His reply was so good that it went viral on Twitter as a lot of people found it perfect.

You’re confused huh? Well let me clarify that confusion for you. To be a practicing Muslim is to defend women’s rights. Why? Because In 610 Islam gave women the right to choose who to marry, choose to divorce, inherit property, vote hold office, become legal scholars, were guaranteed equal education, were guaranteed financial independence and self-determination, served as soldiers and warriors, and were decreed as equal to men in the eyes of God and country.

1400 years ago Prophet Muhammad(sa) categorically condemned domestic violence. In his farewell sermon he warned men that women are committed partners, equals to men, and not servants or slaves. Being a Muslim means I also condemn the barbaric mistreatment of women in contemporary nations like Pakistan, KSA, & Iran. That’s why I’ve published books fighting for women’s equality worldwide and as a lawyer represent women suffering from domestic violence. That’s why I’m in Mali literally right now supporting women’s education through HFUSA.

Meanwhile in America, women couldn’t become lawyers until the 1900s, couldn’t vote until the 1920s (and even then it was only white women), and couldn’t even get credit on their own until the 1970s without their husband’s permission. Moreover, it’s 2018 this week and America still hasn’t ratified the equal rights amendment act, meaning women and men still aren’t deemed equal in the eyes of the law. In America today 360,000 women & children are sexually abused every single year, and for every 1000 women who are raped only 6% of perpetrators go to prison. Moreover, men murder 1600 women a year in gender based violence i.e. husbands murdering their wives and boyfriends. Where were these men radicalized in this Christian majority country?

There have been 13 Muslim women who have served as heads of state of Muslim majority nations in the last 60 years - not even 1 woman as a head of state in America’s 241 year history.

All that notwithstanding, you’re from Texas where a shocking 1 in 3 Women will suffer from domestic violence sometime in their lifetime and Texas trails only California in calls to DV hotlines for help. Funny I can’t seem to find any published scholarship or advocacy from you championing women’s equallty in America? Apologies if I missed it, but Maybe practice what you preach & then talk about Muslims.

Hope I answered your question and you’re no longer confused. Thanks. Peace

But this guy has apparently not even read the whole thing:

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