Woman Stops Abuse of Muslim Couple on NYC Subway

A Muslim couple riding on the E train in New York was verbally attacked by a racist woman. What’s surprising is that the attacking woman later identifies herself as being from Puerto Rico. But that did not prevent her from shouting at other people “You’re not even from here. I am. I was born here in America.”

The video of the incident is being shared on social media. It starts with the old lady asking somebody:
“Why are you here?”
The person calmly replies: “What’s your question? Be specific mam!”
“Why are you in this country if you’re not with us?”
Still keeping calm, he replies “who’s us?”
Looking around at the other passengers: “Us. And maybe they’re not taking my back, I know nobody taking my back. And that’s a shame, but I will take my own back.”
He replies “Nobody on this train is with you.”
So here she’s even blaming the other people on the train for not supporting her. May be she taught they were just waiting for her signal to tear these Muslims apart. But the Muslim person is keeping his cool and giving short precise answers. Bravo!

When a woman nearby asks her to stop the abuse, she yells at her “You don’t understand, you’re not even from here. I am. I was born here in America.”

At this point it’s clear the lady does not speak good English. The person being abused has a flawless English. We can’t see him on the video but he sounds as American as anybody else. I’m not saying you have to have good English to be American but if you dare abusing people because they do not ‘look American’ to you then at least learn some English.

That’s when another young lady intervenes and asks the old lady what her country of origin is “what are you? latin american? where are you from?”
“I’m from Puerto Rico” replies the old lady
The young woman then proceeds to school her in Spanish and then adds in English “I’m not asking you to be quiet. I’m asking you to please respect her. In Spanish, in English, in Chinese, in French - whatever language you want me to say it, I will say it. Whether you’re born here, Puerto Rico, wherever you are from. I don’t like the way you’re treating her. It’s rude, we’re here in it together, OK? We’re all in this together. Whether we like what’s going on in the government or not… You got to deal with it. You’re a grown woman. You suck it up and you defend your brothers and sisters because that’s what you are. If you’re a part of this country, you’re brothers and sisters with everyone.”

This young lady has demonstrated grace and strength in the face of racism and bigotry. She also taught everyone a lesson “do not paint a community with the same brush”. Just because the abuser was a latina does not mean all latinos are racists. Hats off to her.