Sharing Something Extraordinarily Beautiful that I Witnessed

** By Amna Ayaz, a Muslimah living in Virginia**

Asalam u Alikum everyone,

I wanted to share something extraordinarily beautiful and powerful that I witnessed today.

I was a bit sad and frustrated with life in general and I thought to myself “I need Allah, I need His reassurance that things are going to be ok and where is He in my most difficult times? why do i feel that He isn’t responding to my prayers”. So I went to our backyard, which always makes me feel better because it has a beautiful view of tall trees and on top of those tall trees always are the most beautiful birds.

But because it’s the winter time , nothing looks the same as it does in summers. Instead it was a bit gloomy with lots of snow which made me more sad but I still sat there for a very long time. Suddenly I had an urge to listen to Ayat al Kursi , Surah Fatiha and the 99 names of Allah , It felt like Allah wanted me to listen to these. So I played them out loud on my phone and something so glorious happened that it left me in tears. Literally out of nowhere I saw those birds again!. They sat on the tree tops, they were warm grey and bright yellow color , they flew down from the tops of the highest trees and landed at a distance from me and they quietly listened to these beautiful words and slowly came forward , they didn’t even chirp or make a slight sound and when it finished they all started chirping and then flew away in a huge flock.

It was simply breathtaking , Mashallah. All I could say with tears running down my cheeks was “Subhanallah”. I witnessed a strong and powerful bond between Him and His creation. It made me think that no matter where these birds were , they came back as soon as He called out to them. Being animals they were so devoted to Him. They never forgot Him and He never forgot them . Similarly He never forgets us too . It is we humans who forget Him and our weak nature which only allows us to remember Him in times of hardship and generally not in times of happiness. Sadly , we distance ourselves from Him when he blesses us with new places and surroundings to live in.

This experience made me question myself that He responds to me and calls me out 5 times daily , how many times do I come back to him ? and that was it, I got my answer . It wasn’t Him who wasn’t responding , it was me who unknowingly in depression was distancing myself from Him .

My dear Sisters and Brothers , the reason behind me sharing this is the remembrance of Allah. It is something that we forget to do so in our busy lives today , something that we only do in times of need, something which should be a major part of our lives but unfortunately it isn’t . Maybe this is the reason Muslims are facing so many hardships and extremely painful times all around the world today.

As He state’s in the Quran(2:152) “Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying), I will remember you, and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favors on you) and never be ungrateful to Me.” No doubt Allah is the most Magnificent of all and his words are the most beautiful of all .

Always remember Him my dear Brothers and sisters because when we remember Allah, He remembers us.