Why Do I Wear the Headscarf? I Get this Question a Lot

“Why did you wear the headscarf?” I get this question a lot, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and here’s my answer.

It’s not the typical; “to be modest” response because I don’t think you need to wear the scarf to be modest. In Arabic there’s a word (hayaa), which translates into shyness. To have ‘hayaa’, it’s not just being modest in what you wear, but in your character as well. So modesty isn’t just the headscarf, it’s about how you act, and how you treat others.

Two years ago I wore the hijab simply because God asked me to, and I chose to answer to him. I was not forced to by any human being, and I’m not oppressed. I go to school full time, I work a full time job, I work out weekly, I have a social life, I don’t see oppression anywhere in there.

A lot of times I also receive the backhanded compliments, “you look prettier with your hair down” “If only guys can see you like that”, I love the headscarf for this reason, whoever likes me, likes me for me and not for how my hair or body looks.

It’s a constant reminder to be God conscious in a sense that tells me to stop trying to please people in this Worldly life and not to lose myself in becoming someone I am not. Nowadays many girls are in competition with each other in how they look, etc. They idolize celebrities and allow themselves to be fooled by people who don’t really care for them as a person.

I loved the idea that I have a constant reminder that this world is temporary so by wearing this scarf I’m reminded to be myself and meet genuine people who actually care to know me for me. The scarf doesn’t make me perfect either, it doesn’t make anyone perfect. I’ve made Mistakes that others haven’t, I struggle in the same things many of you do. I’m human just like you, but it takes me longer to get dressed in the morning.