Here is Why these Muslim Women Love Wearing the Hijab

The Huffington Post is celebrating Muslim women’s choice to wear the Islamic Hijab a.k.a the headscarf. The popular American news site launched a campaign on social media using the hashtag #HijabToMe and asked women to share with the world the reasons why they choseto wear the Hijab. Here are some of the reactions it received:

Amirah Couture Inc. along with other Hijab influencers around the world are collaborating with Huffpost to feature what hijab means to us! If you are tired of the one-dimensional way Hijab-clad women are being portrayed now is the time to share your voice! Help @huffingtonpost illustrate the diversity and vibrancy of Muslim Women who wear the Hijab. #Hijabtome is the freedom to choose my lifestyle in a world that's constantly trying to get you to be someone else. Wearing the Hijab at the age of 8 was a choice based out of love and beauty because I wanted to emulate my single mom who struggled to raise three girls alone. I developed my American Identity before I even understood the religious obligation that came with wearing the Hijab. Hijab to me is beauty, sincerity, struggle,identity, strength, challenge, meaning, purpose, and most importantly my choice! ??: @jayucanada

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