This is What I Felt After Observing My Second Autopsy

I visited the medical examiner’s office yesterday and observed my second autopsy. I observed silently as incisions were made and the organs removed in front of me. I remained in a state of deep reflection and contemplation for the remainder of the day. I wanted to share what my heart, mind, and soul felt:

  1. There is a God. He created US. Every ligament, every tendon, every muscle, down to every cell; exquisitely and in perfection.

  2. Human existence is a fragile, terminal gift.

  3. We are all the same. Every cell structure, every vein, every nerve, every organ, every bone. Understand that. Understand your maker. Understand creation. And live in harmony.

  4. Many of us fill our lives with so much work, entertainment, and fluff that we fail to consider the reality that our personal journeys on earth must someday come to an end.

  5. Many of us have wasted life on things that don’t matter.. and won’t matter. Useless fights, argumentation, hate, grudges, boastfulness, greed, gluttony, arrogance. Let it go. Let it all go.

  6. We live in a youth obsessed culture and world and therefore are constantly trying to find ways to evade death. Not talk about. Not think about it. Pretend it wont happen. Not to us. Not to anyone we love.

  7. We live in a cell phone crazed and obsessed world. It takes a second, a minute, to call/text people. Reach out to loved ones. Tell them you love them. You miss them. It will hold weight, especially if today is your last day.

  8. Mortality is undoubtedly frightening but it reminds us to live a purposeful life. Every day of that which has been granted to us as a gift. A priceless gem. Remain in a state of gratitude. Talk to God. Don’t run from death, prepare for death.

  9. Don’t hoard on to things that have no permanence. Material possessions will serve no benefit. We’re all exiting the same way we came. Naked and alone.

  10. Do good. As much as you can. Talk to God frequently, talk to people and smile frequently. Love and live with purpose and passion. Leave memories that people will remember long after your journey ends.