Watch Christian Pastor Reaction To Nomination Of Muslim To Precinct Chair In Texas USA

In an attempt to stop a Muslim man named Syed Ali from becoming the pricinct chair of Harris County Republican Party in Texas, Christian pastor Trebor Gordon took the microphone and shocked the audience.

He asked for Mr Syed Ali nomination to be removed then proceeded to attack Islam as a religion saying “Islam does not have any basis or any foundation. It is the total opposite of our foundation. Islam and Christianity do not mix. During my prayer, this man did not bow his head. During the pledge of allegiance, he did not utter a word. He didn’t even try to fake it and move his lips. If you believe that a person can practice Islam and agree to the foundational principles of the Republican Party, it’s not right. It’s not true. It can’t happen. There are things on our platform that he and his beliefs are total opposite.”