Was This British Politician Killed Because She Supported Muslims?

British member of parliament Joanne Cox was murdered last Thursday June 16th by a right wing extremist who shot her 3 times and stabbed her with a knife at leat 7 times. A lot of people were asking why was she targetted?

Joanne spent many years working for the humanitarian organisation Oxfam in the Palestinian territories. After she became MP she was very outspoken about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and criticized the Israeli government. She was also known for her support of Muslims in Britain. Her assistant, Fazila Aswat, was with her when she was killed. She tried to help but the attacker was fierce.

Fazila’s father, Gulham Maniyar, told ITV News “She tried to help her, she tried to hit the attacker with her handbag but he tried to go at her. People came so he followed them and he came back again and shot her again twice. She said her (Jo’s) injury was so bad and she was in her arms. There was lots of blood. She said ‘Jo, get up’ but she (Joanne) said ‘no, my pain is too much, Fazila’h. And I think those were the last words Joanne spoke.”

Joanne Cox with her assistant Fazila Aswat
Joanne Cox with her assistant Fazila Aswat

On Sunday June 19th, Fiyaz Mughal, the founder and director of anti Islamophobia organisation “Tell Mama”, revealed that Joanne was helping his organisation with a study on anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. He also said that the study’s final report will show that attacks against Muslims increased by 80% in 2015 compared to 2014 and that Muslim women were the most targetted.

Fiyaz Mughal said about Joanne:
"She met us to talk about how people could report attacks; particularly women in her constituency. We were hoping she would highlight the impact on Muslim women; particularly given the targeting. The majority of incidents at street level were against women and she was going to raise that."

The killer 52 years old Thomas Mair had links to an American neo nazi group called “National Alliance”. Joanne’s husband called on people to “fight against the hatred that killed her”. American President Barack Obama called Joanne’s husband to offer condolences and told him that “the world is a better place because of her selfless service to others”.

Source: The Guardian