This Pharmacy Technician Response to Abuse Is Truly Inspiring

Yesterday I experienced something outrageous.

I work at Walgreens as a pharmacy technician. Yesterday after my shift I sat outside waiting for my ride, and an old man honked at me to move… Even though I was nowhere near him, I moved because I was on a very important phone call.

When this man stepped out of his car he walked up to me and asked if I worked at the Walgreens he was about to enter. I told him I did and politely asked him if he needed any assistance finding something.

“And they let you wear that thing on your head?! THIS IS AMERICA! Take that shit somewhere else or get out of here. You disgrace Walgreens!” And then tossed a cup of water at me…

At this point my brother had arrived at the scene and another gentleman started defending me.

Honestly, I just stopped listening to everything that was going on… I just stood there confused and kind of in shock.. Like, is this guy serious? Did he just… spill water all over me because I’m wearing a scarf? One single piece of extra clothing? REALLY?

This continued inside Walgreens so I snapped out of it and ran inside to find an audience of people watching this argument go down. Now, being hijabi, I chose to act in a sane manner. I told the man that I’d pray for him and his words didn’t hurt me. That I was proud of who I was and there was nothing he could do or say to change that. And that he should be ashamed of his actions.

This man was literally so old that he could barley even walk by himself. He must have had some serious issues to go out of his way and do what he did.

I had a few people come up to me after that and apologized on his behalf. I went back outside and took his license plate number and left to recollect myself. Today I’ll be taking this up with management to see what else can be done.

Yes, this is America. With that being said, I have the right to wear whatever the hell I want. I’ll let you see whatever I choose to let you see. Practice whatever I want to practice. That’s freedom. That’s America.