This Immigrant Waiter Had a Warm Surprise From a Kind Customer

Amid the general atmosphere of fear and xenophobia dominating the american scene these days, we do hear from time to time stories that give hope for a better future. Last month, Osamah Ajour a Syrian refugee working as a waiter at a restaurant in Denver Colorado experienced an act of kindness that reminds us all not that there are good people everywhere.

While chatting with a customer he was serving, he spoke about how confused and unconfortable he was hearing all the negative stuff about Muslims in the US especially during the presidential campaign. Ajour didn’t think much of the interaction until he saw receipt. The kind customer left a $100 tip and wrote this message “You belong here. I’m glad you are here”.

Restaurant receipt

A friend of Ajour posted an image of the receipt on facebook and Ajour commented:

This story shows that Muslims do have support among segments of the american public despite the prevalent message in the media. What matters is having a sense of belonging to this country and spreading the message of peace, kindness and justice for all that is at the core of the Muslim faith.