I Was on The Road of Disaster But Allah Saved Me

By Vanessa Gisell

We got married 4 years ago. We met in college and he was a Muslim and I wasn’t really sure what I identified as. I left catholicism because it didn’t make sense.

Alhumdulilah. Really early in our marriage they told us we couldn’t have kids because of complications that I had. I thought well we are young (I was 21 and he was 19) and we will figure it out eventually when it’s time. I was still trying to party and have a good time and my husband was over it. He wanted to be back in the Deen and do it right and I wasn’t helping.

A few hard months went by and I didn’t really feel a need to change. For what? Then one day I went to the hospital with excruciating pain, and the doctors told me well hunny you are pregnant. But you are 4 months pregnant and your baby is detaching from your placenta. I was having a miscarriage.

I was placed on bed rest and given a lot of medication. By the 5th month I was healthy and the baby was healthy. We were both shocked, happy and confused. My husband, Muhammad would always pray in front of me. He never let his faith waiver.

At 7 months of pregnancy I picked up the Quran. It was beautiful. It made sense. I was on the road of disaster and on the verge of losing my marriage. ALLAH blessed me with a baby so I could put my life back into perspective. My husband came home one night and I told him I am ready to be Muslim. He couldn’t believe it. That night, three years ago I took my Shahada.

My healthy beautiful daughter was born 7 pounds 15 ounces. Subhanallah. The conversion was a struggle with my family and I started to wear hijab four months ago. I just want to say that all Muslims are special because just like me…Allah hand picked us to become Muslim. SubanAllah, there is no sin that Allah can not forgive. Just always ask for forgiveness because Allah is the most merciful.