I Used to Make Fun of My Neighbors for Being Muslim

My name is Jared and I want to tell you about the importance of doing dawah.

My neighbors in a small city called Fishers were Muslim. I actually used to make fun of them for being Muslim in a joking way because we were good friends. However, one day they asked me to come sit and learn Islam. So I would go to their basement and sit with them for an hour once a day.

After one month I took my shahada. My mom was always supportive. But what makes my story even more crazy is this.., my older brother was learning Islam in a course at Central Michigan. He read the Quran and thought it was true and he was laying in his bed one night asking God to give him a sign.

My mom called him and said guess what!? Your younger brother converted to Islam. And then he said that was my sign…so one week later he came to a masjid called Al-Huda and took his shahada.

Subhanallah you never know how Allah works but we as Muslims have to shed light on others!

May Allah bless you all!

Jared from Bloomington