TV Channel Says Trump Born in Pakistan

A report claiming that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan has sparked a wave of interest on social media. The report was by Pakistani TV channel Neo News. The british newspaper Daily Mail wrote that the report was broadcasted in October a few weeks before the US election, but has currently spread considerably on social media.

The report claims that Trump was born in Waziristan, Pakistan in 1946 and was named Dawood Ibrahim Khan and that he later moved to London after his parents died in a traffic accident and in 1955 moved to the US with an American family that adopted him. It included a photo of a blond boy and insisted it was a picture of Trump in Pakistan.

The claims of the Pakistani channel were generally met with sarcasm. Comments spread on Twitter and people started guessing what made the Pakistani channel come up with such a report.

It’s worth noting that it has been confirmed that President elect Trump has German roots.