Poll: 41% of Trump Voters Support Bombing Agrabah, the Fictional Kingdom from Aladdin

More than 530 Republican primary voters were polled on their support for Republican candidates and foreign policy issues including banning Muslims from entering the US, Japanese internment camps from the second world war and bombing Agrabah, the kingdom from Disney’s animated classic, Aladdin.

In its poll, Public Policy Polling asked the 532 Republicans: “Would you support or oppose bombing Agrabah?” While 57% of responders said they were not sure, 30% said they supported bombing it. Only 13% opposed it.

In a paragraph on attitudes among Donald Trump’s self-declared intended voters, the pollsters noted: “41% of his voters think Japanese internment was a good thing, to 37% who don’t. And 41% of his supporters would favor bombing Agrabah to only 9% who are opposed to doing that.

Republican voters polled by the PPP aren’t just worried about Agrabah. Of those polled, 54% of those polled support banning Muslims from entering the United States and 46% support the creation of a national database of Muslims in the United States.

One in four of those polled by the PPP said that Islam should be illegal in the US and that they support the US policy of Japanese internment during the second world war.