A Tribute to My Sister Michelle


I wanted to share something about my sister, Michelle. When I converted, she was the one person in my family who supported me from the beginning. She defended me, helped me find hijabs, told my kids which candies were haram lol…

She was just an amazing blessing from Allah SWT. When she passed away unexpectedly on 1023 because of a drunk driver, so many Muslims came out to her funeral in support. I will never forget it. I organized an orthodox service for her and watched as so many brothers and sisters in Islam passed by her coffin. It meant so much for people to offer to read Quran for her, and treat her with as much love as they would any Muslim.

It brings me to tears just now thinking of how many said Fatiha for her. Those gestures mean so much, so much. Please, if you know a convert who has lost a family member who isn’t Muslim, offer to recite Fatiha for them. It’s something so important that reverts aren’t getting from other relatives & means so much.

Your sister Mary