To My Refugee Parents: I can't thank you enough

By K. Zerina

To my parents,

I can’t thank you enough. You fled to Germany after escaping a war and all that you’ve known.You learned the language, the lifestyle, the culture, and out of nowhere you were told to pack your bags and go to The USA. With no knowledge of the language, fear of the unknown, a 4.5 year old in your hands, you arrived and learned to survive.

You didn’t understand the language, but you learned it. You didn’t understand the culture, but you’ve learned to adopt it without losing your roots. You studied hard and became citizens, and helped me do the same. You knew this land was the land of opportunities. You took advantage of it and made sure I did the same.

My mother with an 8th grade education, a toddler, and an 11 year old, received a college degree in the medical field. You constantly nagged at my B because you knew it could’ve been an A. You pushed me to do better because you knew I could. Without you, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. This one is for you.

This German-born refugee made it through 5 grueling years of full time school, full time jobs/internships/co-ops, hours of studying, hours of commuting, missed events and gatherings, sleepless nights, & it was all worth it to see you happy when I walked across that stage.