I Want my Son to Put the Women in his Life on Pedestals

By @veiledblonde

I hope and pray that my son will treat all people with respect and kindness. I hope he will be fair, and honest, and good. But I plan to teach him to give extra care and respect to women.

This is where I may differ from others. Because of my belief in Islam, I hold women in special regard. We are mothers, and that makes us special, and yes, different. In Islam, men are told to show respect to their mothers above everyone else, and as women we are told that Paradise lies at our feet for the sacrifices we make to raise the next generation.

So while everyone should be kind to everyone else, I want my son to put the women in his life on pedestals. I want him to protect them, and fight for their rights. I want him to be in awe of their capabilities. Feminism, to me, does not mean the end of chivalry.

I will teach my son to be modest. I will teach my son to speak well of and to women regardless of their religion or level of modesty. I will teach my son to value a woman’s intelligence, honestly, integrity, piety, and kindness above her beauty.

I will teach my son to share in domestic duties, regardless of what role his wife chooses to take on. I will teach my son to see women how the Prophet (pbuh) saw us: as powerful business owners, wives to be adored, mothers to be revered, daughters to be cherished, and deserving of infinite respect in the eyes of Allah.