Tabitha Shares How It Feels Being a New Muslim in Middle America

As-salamu alaykum brothers and sisters. My name is Tabitha. I was raised a Catholic Canadian-American and even went to Catholic school for a time. We were told many stories from the bible as part of our curriculum. I struggled with this because these stories seemed more mythological than real.

I’ve always been one to want the truth. I’ve always believed in science and factual information so I found it impossible to believe that our universe was created in six days, that an all powerful God would need to rest or that this God would send a son to be sacrificed for the sins of others.

There didn’t seem to be any logic or reason to these stories. They seemed more fairy tales than real events. Because of this, I lived my adult life more as an atheist or agnostic. Eight years ago, I met my husband. He was a student of religions. He wrote his first book about Christianity and was working on one about Mormonism when we became close.

He had studied Islam for a time and would tell me different things about the Islamic belief system, which I always found interesting. In the past year, I was drawn to it more and more. After much research, I knew it was where I belonged. So many questions in my heart and mind were answered.

My parents struggled with it for a short while because they didn’t understand how a 42 year old white woman raised in America could choose to be a part of a religion they believed oppressed women. It took many conversations and patience on my part to help them understand the difference between fact and negative propaganda. They are slowly coming to understand the truth of Islam and I’m so proud of them for their willingness to learn more about it and support me in my journey. I’m blessed in so many ways.

My current challenge is in finding people locally for me to connect with. In middle America, Christianity is dominant. I’m pretty sure I’m the only Muslim for at least 30 miles and the nearest mosque is 50+ miles away, so all my education and connections are online. I’m so grateful for the online community I’ve found. #In_sha_Allah, I will be able to continue this amazing journey. May the peace and blessings of Allah be with you all.