Grateful Syrian Refugee Pays it Forward

Grateful to Canada for giving him a chance to rebuild his life after war in his home country left him and his family with nothing, Syrian refugee Mazen Khalaf does not hesitate to help whenever he can.

Mazen, a father of three, works at a gas station in Newmarket, Ontario. When a customer’s credit card would not work at the gas station, he paid the bill out of his own pocket.

The surprised customer asked him why he’s doing it. Mazen replied “Because somebody helped me (come to Canada). I’d like to help people, too”.

He did it again for a woman who had the same issue with her card. Both customers paid him back the next day, the man giving him a tip on top, but Mazen says he didn’t expect payback. He was happy to help because Canadians had done a lot to get him, his wife and his three sons to Canada six months ago.

He and his family are now trying to learn English in order to better integrate into Canadian society. He said that customers at his workplace have all been nice and many have asked him questions about his home county Syria.

Mazen, who used to work as a mall manager in Syria hopes that once he learns to speak better English and gets more experience, he can apply for this kind of job in Canada.

Source: The Toronto Star Newspaper