The Sweetness of Human Unity

By Sadia Houri

The Sweetness of unity (Open Letter)

A lot of us hear about unity, read about unity, but only a few of us get to see it actually manifesting in its physical form. When humanity joins forces, powerful magical things start to happen; I have witnessed this powerful unity in its physical forms; seeing thousands of people protesting in many airports across the U.S against the Muslim Ban has warmed up my lil heart in this cold winter Minnesota months.

At times, some of us start to think at times, are we alone in this cruel world. The whole aspect of certain leaders targeting minority groups in majority populations hasn’t been new; we seen it in the 1920’s when Hitler sent the Jews to concentration camps, we seen it in the 1940’s with the Japanese Americans in the United States were forced to relocation in incarceration in camps, we seen it in the 1960’s with the African American upraise in the 1960’s, and now sadly we are seeing with the Muslims in the 21st century; A lot of Americans and international leaders are realizing that we can’t repeat history again. We learn about our histories, so we don’t make the grave mistake of reliving it ever again.

As a Muslim American, I was lucky enough to witnesses all sorts of people from diverse backgrounds come together to unite to fight against Injustice and bigotry disguised as political protection. Donald J. Trump’s eleven country ninety day ban executive orders has sent out shock waves across Americans and international allies. The Muslim ban affects some of the poor mediocre countries that Trump doesn’t do business with; thus it shows us how it’s purely political and business gains vs. national security he disguises the agenda with.

The Muslim ban affects Muslim Americans that come from those nine countries in tremendous inhuman way. It means Muslim Americans can’t visit their loved ones, can’t go back to celebrate a wedding with a loved, nor even go to a funeral of a loved one who passed away for the risk of not being back in to the county that they paid their taxes for years while contributing to its economy. I, myself am from one of the banned countries (Somalia).

Muslim Americans contribute to the American society in variety of ways; just look at Silicon Valley, where variety of the start-ups and workers are Muslim Americans, or have you looked at the doctor name written on your prescriptions meds, that too is probably also a Muslim American; Muslim Americans range from lawyers, engineers, to taxi drivers, Armed Forces and chefs; they have invested in this country and have paid their duties and taxes daily.

I’m writing this as proud Muslim American today because of all the unity I have seen across both nationally and internationally. I just want to end this open letter to say thank you for all those that have stood with us in solidarity; the lawyers that brought their laptops who set in the cold airport floors fighting for human rights; thanks to the Latinos, Asians, blacks, Christians, and Jews who stood with your Muslim neighbor. Thank you all and lets continue to fight injustice in anywhere you see it; on that note I will leave you with one of my favorite quote from Anne Frank - “How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait a Single Moment Before Starting to Improve the World”.