Swedish Goalkeeper Threathened for Converting to Islam

“I am proud to be Muslim! “. The rising star of Sweden’s Women National Soccer Team no longer fears talking about her conversion to Islam in public.

A seasoned goalkeeper, Ronja Andersson has so far excelled on the green turf of Uppsala and the national team, where she has always felt perfectly equipped to face adversity.

It was not the same on another slippery ground, that of the public scene, and against other opponents, which were more acrimonious and less fair-minded: the Scandinavian Islamophobes! Those who have perfected the art of erecting walls of intolerance instead of breaking the ice, as polar as it might be.

Faced with scathing criticism, victim of a hate campaign that reached its peak on the internet, the young high-level sportswoman, strong in her deep convictions, managed to ignore this poisonous climate and assert herself as a Swedish citizen of Muslim faith, very attached to her country as well as to the values ​​of her new faith.

While her critics redoubled their efforts to discredit her, arguing that she had converted under the influence of her Muslim boyfriend, from whom she is now separated, Ronja Andersson took to social media to deny vigorously this despicable rumor.

“No, contrary to what those who denigrate and insult me ​​incessantly, I did not convert because of my ex-boyfriend! I took this decision alone, deep in my soul and conscience, after having thought long and deepened my knowledge of Islam by reading a lot,” said the talented goalkeeper.

“I am happy to have become a Muslim. I entered a beautiful faith and that fills my heart with joy. I have never been in such close proximity to God and I feel how much He helps me in my life, “said Ronja Andersson, stronger than ever to evolve with the same ease on and off football pitches.

Last Monday night Andersson appeared on a TV show called “Troll Hunter” during which was identified a person who sent Andersson’s house a hate letter. The identified person also attended the show to apologize to Andersson.

Ronja Andersson converted to Islam in May 2018 and became a hot topic in Sweden since then.