Police Arrest a Suspect in the Killing of Imam and Associate in New York

Queens, New York - Sources close to the investigation of the murder of imam Alala Uddin Akongi and his assistant Thara Uddin said that a suspect was arrested by police Sunday night. Police has not yet confirmed such an arrest.

As seen on a surveillance video the gunman who took less than 5 seconds to execute the 2 Muslim men by shooting them in the head from behind. But apparently he made a mistake as he was leaving the murder scene. According to the same sources, as the suspect was driving his car to leave the murder scene he run into a person on his bicycle. That person contacted police and handed them the car’s plate number.

Muslims in the area have been protesting the murder and are asking for more police security around Mosques. A member of the community even criticized New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for not visiting the mosque until now:

"It’s been more than 48 hours. The mayor has not been here. If this was a Jewish community, the mayor would be there the next hour."