This Lady Gave Her Muslim Doctor Gifts To Counter Trump's Hate

Fahim Rahim, an American Muslim doctor at Idaho Kidney Center, shared on Facebook a picture that shows him sitting next to his 91-year-old patient, while holding stuffed animals. Fahim explained in his post that the 91-year-old lady crocheted those stuffed animals herself and brought them as a gift to him to show solidarity in the face of Trump’s repeated attacks on Muslims.

Fahim wrote “My 91-year-old patient heard how Trump has been attacking me, ‘the American Muslim. So here she brings me these little stuffed animals that she crocheted herself to cheer me up! And she made my day.”

The picture was liked and shared by thousands of people all over the world and many commented that it made their days and restored their confidance in the goodness of humanity.

Fahim Rahim facebook post

Fahim told The Huffington Post that he had been speaking on a local radio show, and discussed Trump’s attacks against Muslims including his support of a Muslim database, the idea of Muslim ID cards that identify their religion, the Muslim travel ban, the tweeting of fake news about Muslims, etc.

Fahim said that the 91-year-old lady had been listening to the radio show and felt Trump’s ideas were hurtful. So when came in for her appointment with the doctor later that day, she gave him the five stuffed animals and also expressed her support.

Fahim recalls the lady saying “I want this for you because I can feel your pain and what you’re going through”. Reflecting on the nice gesture, Fahim added “I had never seen that amount of affection from an unexpected person in that unexpected way. And that was beautiful… I’m a first generation immigrant from Pakistan … she’s from rural Idaho. We have completely separate backgrounds and regardless of that, we relate to each other as human beings. In that moment, she threw our differences aside and … she was just a human being trying to be kind and connect.”

To Fahim his picture with the lady holds a powerful message: “Yes, there are wars in the world and there are a lot of bad things, but at the core of everything, there’s a lot of goodness.”