The Story of Ayah, a Convert from Michigan

By Ayah, a muslimah convert living in Michigan

Alsalaam Alaykum,

My name is Ayah, I am an American convert from Michigan. I’m constantly asked about my conversion and the reasons I converted. Here’s my story.

Throughout my childhood I suffered from depression problems due to family issues. Sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t bring myself to leave my bed. The one thing that always kept me sane was my constant faith in God.

Even while attending a youth group and reading the bible, I still had many different questions that weren’t being answered by my faith (Christianity). One week we all studied into other religions to better understand our own. That was the first time I was introduced to Islam.

After high school, I was introduced again at the age of 18. After reading the Quran I literally got chills. Islam was the answer to all my questions.

I converted at 18, I wore hijab at 20. I truly believe that I didn’t choose Islam, but Allah chose me to become a Muslim. All of the years I cried and asked for help and guidance, I was given Islam, and for that I am so grateful. After asking to complete my deen, Allah gave me my soulmate the same year.

For anyone who ever needs help from Allah, be patient. He hears all prayers. He may not answer them now, but prayers never go unanswered and he may have something better for you planned. Remember every trial is a test, and we are promised eternal happiness if we pass the test of the Dunya.

Good luck on your journey. Salaams.