I Was Stabbed By a Friend. My Heart Stopped for 3 Minutes and 17 Seconds

By Aym Mar from London

I just want to share a story based on real life, I got stabbed on August 13th last year. I am 22 years old but it feels like my life started on that day. It was a miracle that Allah Azzawajal brought me back for a reason alhamdulilah.

I got stabbed by a friend, he stabbed me in the back and the knife came out of my belly subhanAllah, the doctors said that my heart stopped for 3 minutes and 17 seconds. They tried over and over again to bring me back yet I wasn’t. They announced that I died and put the sheets over my head.

As they were walking away from my bedside to inform my family and friends that they tried their best and they couldn’t bring me back… with the power of Allah Azzawajall He brought me back and this was a miracle for everyone in that room including the doctor. He was in his late 40’s and he never believed in God, but witnessing this made him look into the Deen Alhamdulilah!

I am alive and well all thanks to Allah. I suffer from nerve damage and have a “stoma bag” as I can not attend to the toilet due to the damage of the stabbing.

Just always remember that after hardship comes ease by the will of Allah. I have met my wife, she supports me in every way possible and yet she doesn’t feel uncomfortable with me having a “stoma bag.” I always had faith in Allah but I lost hope. It’s like Allah Azzawajal sent her on a mission to put hope back into my heart Alhamdulilah. May Allah grant her the highest level of Jannah.


If you’re wondering what a stoma bag is, here is a definition from Wikipedia:

A surgical procedure in which an opening (stoma) is formed by drawing the healthy end of the large intestine or colon through an incision in the anterior abdominal wall and suturing it into place. This opening, in conjunction with the attached stoma appliance (bag), provides an alternative channel for feces to leave the body. It may be reversible or irreversible depending on the circumstances.

Diagram showing a colostomy with a bag CRUK

A stoma bag is also known as an ostomy bag: