This Couple Challenged Social Pressure and Did Things Their Way

When Imran and I were married we made the decision to keep our wedding simple. We had simple nikkah and reception without the traditional events that usually go along with Asian weddings.

Of course this prompted much criticism. However, that was the best decision we made. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, we saved money for our future, picked our backpacks and travelled the world. It was an amazing experience!

I feel the need to say this because many of us feel pressure to have big weddings and spend thousands, I know at times I did, however, in my heart it is not what I wanted. I realized wanting to follow sunnah is something I shouldn’t be ashamed of nor should I concern myself with stressing over what others would think.

I hope more couples who feel the same follow their hearts because in the end it gives you peace and opens doors through Allah’s blessings.