I’m Sick and Tired of Apologizing for Terrorists

By Houri

As an American muslim, I have stopped posting apologetic words long time ago when I realized that the media was playing games on us Muslims, and also as a western Muslim, I’m sick and tired of seeing the famous “MUSLIMS AREN’T TERRORIST” sign on social media after every attack.

If we keep playing the victim role, we will always be labeled the victim. The word “TERRORISM” ultimately terrorizes Muslims because they offer apologies before the media even puts the blame on them. It’s like they know what’s coming, same as the kid who gets bullied, but still apologizes to the bully; Muslims all over the world are conditioned psychologically by the western media to have this victim mentality.

The first thing that the media says after a so called attack is “Why aren’t the Muslims speaking up and condemning the attack”, and Muslims run to their social media like zombies condemning it. Muslims now days are fearful of what other non-Muslims think of them, when in reality we should all be worrying about what God truly thinks of us.

Let’s ask ourselves this, “why are we apologizing for the actions committed by people we don’t even know just because they share the same religion”, and let’s be honest, if you do your research very well by now, we all know that some attacks are carried out by non-Muslims and blamed on the Muslims just to fuel the fire on the Muslim hatred band wagon.

The media over uses the term “Muslims” so much that the younger generation think the term itself is a race. This is a sick mentality. We have to take a stand to this atrocious psychological warfare against us and not offer any apologies. Muslims out here dying daily under the hands of Non-Muslims and no western media gives them coverage, nor any sympathy. We need to stop playing the victim role if we want the rest of the world to take us seriously.

On a side note I’m not saying that you can’t stand with nor send condolences and feel the pain of another human being, but when Muslims get picked on constantly after every attack, it’s time we regroup and evaluate things a little..