She Jumped in the Air and Kicked him Ninja Style. Watch Saudi Girl Attack a Guy Inside Restaurant

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, February 27, 2018 - Social media is going crazy about a video showing a Saudi girl wearing a abaya and assaulting a young man in a restaurant.

The video recorded by the restaurant’s security camera shows a young man walking into the restaurant, apparently talking to the girl before the fight starts.

Suddenly the girl, who was wearing a Abaya, threw the something towards the young man, apparently a mobile phone, before flying in the air and kicking and punching him ninja style.

Someone is seen intervening and removing the young man from the girl’s path at which point she stops her attack.

Although the causes of the incident are still unknown, the video has gone viral on social media. People’s comments were divided between those who showed admiration for the young man, who they said respected the woman’s femininity and did not fight back, and those who supported the girl’s bravery and self-defense techniques.

This guy found this to be the perfect time for some sarcasm:

Translation from Arabic: “Guys, our team is going through its worst phases and levels. The girls’ team is becoming so strong: driving? check. Soccer games? check. We let all of that go, but getting beaten in front of God and his creation? here we must reassess the situation and change the game plan.”

Watch the full video below: