Thoughts On the Qurans Desecrated in Germany

By Samantha Dixon

“Attackers threw rocks at a mosque in the central German city of Kassel on Sunday while some 50 Qurans – the holy book of Islam – were damaged in another attack on a mosque in northwest Bremen.”

Do you know why you never hear of Muslims damaging/disrespecting the Bible? Although it is not our book, it still holds value to us for a few reasons. For one, we respect your beliefs, period. Islam is a religion of no compulsion, meaning you can’t be forced to be Muslim, you can only be it if you believe it.

Also, we cherish several of the same historical people. We love Jesus (Isa) he is a beloved prophet. We love Mary mother of Jesus, she is mentioned 30 something times in the Quran. We also know of their large presence in the Bible and it would be absurd to desecrate a book that also holds them to high esteem as we do.

I personally know so many Christians that not only respect me and my religion, but value the similarities in faith we have as well. I just wish there was more of that.

Statistically speaking, there are more Muslims that know a significant amount about Christianity than there are Christians that know, not even a significant amount, but just know when they hear an obvious lie about Islam.

Most Muslims make it a point in their life to research other religions, sometimes to have a better understanding of others, sometimes to feel more secure in their own beliefs, and sometimes just out of sheer curiosity. My point is, we need to stop expecting Muslims to denounce every extremist act as though our beliefs are to blame, in efforts to prove our opposition of it.

Misconceptions can only ever be cured by education. So if you aren’t actively seeking truth when you hear of something controversial, you are simply complicit in continuing the cycle of misinformed hate and therefore part of the problem.

About the author

Samantha Dixon is an American Muslim convert from Dearborn Michigan. You can follow her channel on Youtube at