Human Rights Watch: Thousands of Rohingya Muslim Homes Destroyed in Myanmar

Human Rights Watch said on Monday November 21st that more than a thousand Muslim homes were destroyed in Myanmar. Satellite images published by the organisation show the destruction in Muslim villages in the state of Rakheen, an area in western Myanmar that has been besieged by the army for the last few weeks. The images were taken between November 10 and 18 and focused on 5 Muslim villages. This increases the confirmed number of destroyed homes in the last few weeks to 1200.

Despite denials from the government and the military, further evidence of widespread destruction in the villages is being uncovered everyday. The military is accusing the media, which quoted information published by Human Rights Watch, of publishing “false news.”

These acts of violence challenge to Aung San Suu Kyi and the first civilian government in Burma for decades. Brad Adams from “Human Rights Watch” Asia Branch said: “Instead of responding with military-era style accusations and denials, the government should simply look at the facts and take action to protect all people in Burma, whatever their religion or ethnicity.”

The Myanmar army is accused of committing serious human rights violations against the Rohingya Muslim minority, including rape of women to civilians killings. Myanmar authorities strictly monitor access to the Rohingya areas, and prevents journalists from accessing them. Witnesses and activists said that since the siege imposed on the Rohingya 6 weeks ago, the army and security forces have killed men and raped women and looted and burned their homes. The government refuses to allow international monitors to conduct an investigation.