This 7 Year Old Rohingya Fled Myanmar Carrying his Baby Brother for 6 days Through Bangladesh Border

The Rohingya Muslims continue their arduous journey from Arakan province in western Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh; to escape attacks by the Myanmar army and Buddhist militias.

Seven year old boy Yasser Hussein carried his baby brother on his back while crossing barefoot to Bangladesh during the six days trip through mud and rough terrain, the Associated Press reported.

“We lost our father and our house two weeks ago,” Hussein was quoted as saying, adding that he suffered a lot while carrying his younger brother on his back.

Hussein’s mom, Fayrouz Begum, said that the army broke into their house in the town of Rathidong, at dawn, two weeks ago, and killed her husband.

They walked for six days until they reached the NAF river on the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

She explained that she and her family had to eat anything they found on the way, and they rested for very short periods of time.

The Begum family said they arrived in Bangladesh on the second of this month after their arduous journey and settled in the house of one of their relatives.

Local sources told a reporter on Wednesday, 11 October 2017, that the Myanmar army no longer allowed boats to approach the NAF River to transport the Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh.

The sources added that the Myanmar army and Buddhist militias were stationned at surrounding forests and shooting at Muslims of Arakan province who were trying to reach Bangladesh.

The sources pointed out that many Rohingya Muslims drowned while trying to cross the Naf river towards Bangladesh.

A video taken on Wednesday, posted on social media sites, showed Rohingya Muslims crossing the Naf River using empty plastic bottles. The person who took the video indicated that the Myanmar army was surrounding the area.

Since August 25, Myanmar’s army and Buddhist militias have committed crimes, attacks and brutal massacres against the Muslim Rohingya minority. they have killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands of innocent people, according to local activists.

Since that date, some 519,000 Rohingya Muslims have crossed from Arakan to Bangladesh, UN Secretary-General’s spokesman Stephan Dujarric said Monday.