Muslim Community Starts Free Clinic for the Poor in Washington State

“Ever since I decided I wanted to be a doctor, this was my ultimate dream”. This is how 23 years old Nehath Sheriff described the opening of a non profit clinic at the Puget Sound Muslim association near Redmond, Washington. Nehath grew up in a family that valued charity and volunteering. Her parents used to take her to visit homeless shelters “And my parents really emphasized, instead of just delivering the food there, they wanted us to sit down and converse with the individuals there” she says.


She had the idea of the free clinic when she was in college and she worked on it as a project for a an undergraduate class. She also did volunteer work for many organizations in the area including the Rainier Valley Community Clinic. Nehath credits her Islamic faith and her parents for her love of healthcare and desire to help others be healthy. She referred to verse 5:32 of the holy Quran “whoever saves one life - it is as if he had saved all of mankind” and said “In Islam, we learn that saving one person is like saving all of humanity. That has always stayed with me.”


The clinic is free for all people in need regardless of religion. It is operated by the Muslim Association of Puget Sound in collaboration with the Muslim Community Resource Center and the Rainier Valley Community Clinic.

In addition to Nehath, volunteers at the clinic include doctors Leah Spellen, Sadia Habib, Humera Ali, and many other nurses and helpers. Doctor Sadia Habib said “Providing care for the under served is very gratifying”. She recognizes that a lot of people out there can’t afford basic healthcare and that this clinic is just a “small piece in the puzzle”.

You can watch Nehath’s story on Q13 TV channel

Source: Seattle Times