How I Overcame My Fear of Speaking in Front of People

My name is Rawda. Speaking in front of people used to be the single most terrifying thing to me. If I could have chosen one power at that time, it would have been to be invisible.

All I needed was a book, books were my shield. I would have stayed that way, had my English teacher at the time not forced me to join speech club.

Perhaps it was spur of the moment, perhaps she wanted to change me, maybe it was pity; quite frankly I don’t care, her persistence and forcefulness are a thing I still thank Allah for.

I transformed in a way no one had ever expected. I became more comfortable on a stage than anywhere else; books were now my weapons rather than my shield as they empowered my words and my style.

The best pictures I have were taken while speaking, the happiest moments I remember are my moments when words were flowing out me as naturally as water down a stream.

Alhamdullah I was able to unlock my power, and now I want to help others like me unlock theirs.