Mulsim Woman Fights Off Attacker 'Claiming to be Jesus' who Choked her With her Hijab Until She Stabbed him With Car Keys

On Saturday, May 5th, Ms. Sonya King was attacked as she delivered food to a customer’s house in Atlanta, Georgia. The man, described by his neighbors as a racist who regularly called black children in his area the n-word, suddenly declared himself to be “Jesus,” grabbed Sonya by her scarf, and began strangling her.

Sonya who works as a Food delivery driver for the company DoorDash said she fought for her life by poking the man in the eye and stabbing him with her keys, leaving her assailant with large wounds and bruises all over his face.

As she stabbed the 54-year-old man, he allegedly told her: “Aw, this feels good.”

Recounting what happened on that day, Sonya said the man’s home was open when she arrived and he told her to leave the food on the counter.

Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until the man told her he wanted to give her a cash tip.

He allegedly said to her: “Oh, and by the way, I’m Jesus.”

Sonya said she continued walking to the door but the man approached her from behind, grabbed her face veil and tried to choke her with it.

She said: “I kept telling that man I’ve got kids. In the midst of me fighting him, he’s grabbing my head. He thought he was Jesus, but Jesus wouldn’t do that to nobody.”

She added: “In the midst of me stabbing this man he’s saying, ‘Aw, this feels good’.”

Sonya fled the home and alerted police, who arrested the customer at the home and snapped a mugshot showing his facial injuries.

She said her faith allowed her to escape the home, adding: “By the love of Allah, I knew he was not going to allow that man to kill a believer.”

The suspect, Rick Painter, was charged with battery after he was treated by medics. He is being held in custody.

DoorDash is an on-demand restaurant delivery service founded in 2013 and available in 600 cities across North America. The company has said that it has deactivated the customer’s account and will assist police during their investigation.