He Thought These 2 Muslim Girls Were an Easy Target

Amani Al-khatahtbeh and Eman Bare were on their way to get lunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They stopped at the corner of an intersection and were waiting to cross the street when they heard someone calling them “ISIS”. It was an employee at a beer store behind them who was outside cleaning the glass.

The girls were in shock but Amani quickly turned towards him and said “Excuse me?”. He then repeated “Are you a part of ISIS? I’m just asking!”. He obviously saw they were wearing Hijabs and thought he can get away with harassing them but he hit on the wrong women. Amani then replied “Well, are you a part of the KKK? Are you a Nazi? Actually, are you a mass shooter? Are you going to light us up right now?”.

The other girl, Eman, used her phone to take a picture of the man and also took pictures of the store where he works.

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Racist who harassed 2 muslim girls in Brooklyn NY

That should have made him nervous because he started accusing the girls of harassement and said he was going to call the police and “have them decide if you’re ISIS or not!”. The girls continued on their way and decided to post their story on social media and ask people to reach out to the store and tell the management about the racism and harassement their employee had just imposed on two innocent girls.

People’s reaction on social media was amazing, the store was overwhelmed with phone calls and messages that the managers contacted the 2 girls, apologized and promised they would fire the employee.