I Almost Got Killed in Paris Because of My Hijab

This picture was taken in Paris last week. Looking at it, you would think that it’s just me taking a selfie right, little did you know that a few seconds later I got run over by the van behind me.

The man in the van didn’t check whether I was ok, instead he looked at me and proudly smiled at himself. Realizing he did it on purpose, I shakingly pulled myself together and knocked at his windows. At that point I screamed in anger asking him why he did it, was he crazy?! Why did he not get out to check if I was ok?? Still, no emotions on his face, he looked back one last time and drove off.

Even the police wasn’t willing to help. We Muslims, live in an era where we are being attacked and blamed for the actions of people who are killing more of us than any other group in this world.

Let this situation be an opportunity to spread da’wa through our good actions, let this not stop us from travelling or any of our dreams, one day people will wake up and recognize Islam as the peaceful religion that it has always been.