German Newspaper: Queen of Britain Wears the Veil .. Why Ban it for Muslim Women?

German newspaper Allegmain Zeitung published an article about the Hijab controversy sweeping Europe these days. Here are some of the points they raised:

It seems obvious that anyone should have the right to wear whatever he wants. Why then is there still debate about Muslim women wearing headscarves? Even the Queen of England wears it. What’s the real reason behind all this controversy?

The European Court of Justice’s ruling on the wearing of headscarves in the workplace was meaningless. Two Muslim women filed a complaint because their employer asked them to come to work without wearing the headscarf. The European Court’s response to this dispute was as follows : “Yes, in principle, women are entitled to wear the headscarf, but on condition that they are allowed to do so by their employer.”

Such a decision may allow employers to prevent the wearing of religious symbols in their institutions, but on the other hand, Christians do not face the same restrictions, as there are those who bear the cross hanging in a chain on their necks, and can simply hide it under the shirt and thus continue wearing it. In contrast, the veil can not be hidden under the shirt because it covers the hair and is visible. So many Muslim women face the inevitability of choosing between removing headscarves or losing their job, even though uncovering their hair makes them feel very uncomfortable even embarrassed, just like being forced to walk naked in the street.

But what problem do these people have with the headscarf? Doesn’t British Queen Elizabeth, always wear a headscarf, especially when she leaves the palace. Perhaps the difference here is that the British Queen is doing it for practical reasons, not religious, or maybe she likes to wear it because she finds it attractive, and in for these reasons it is allowed. The Islamic veil on the other hand is a religious symbol, as it clearly shows that the woman who wears it belongs to the Islamic religion.

Source: Allegmain Zeitung