What a Policeman Did To Calm a Baby Locked inside a Car is Genius

Because of a small mistake a German woman got her baby locked in her car with the keys inside. Forunately a police officer knew exactly what to do to calm the crying baby and put him to sleep even before getting him out of the car.

According to the Hesse police official page on Facebook, the story dates back to Tuesday October 13th, when a 30 years old German woman left the driver side door open and went back to quickly get something out of the trunk. The door suddenly closed and the car locked up with her baby and the keys inside.

The desperate mom called the police for help. When they arrived, the baby was crying and one police officer had the brilliant idea of rocking the car to calm him down. It didn't take long for the baby to fall asleep. 

The mom had spare keys in her nearby house but the house keys were inside the car as well. Since the baby was peacefully sleeping inside the car they could wait for firefighters to arrive and open the house door. They got the baby out still sleeping. 

The German police published the story on their facebook account: