Attack on Paris Mosque: Man tries to Drive Car into Crowd of Muslim Worshippers

According to French police today around 18:30 local time a man tried to drive his car into a crowd outside a mosque in a suburb of Paris.

Le Parisien newspaper reported that the attacker said he wanted to avenge attacks by ISIS on French soil namely the 2015 attack on the Bataclan theatre and the attack at the Champs-Elysees earlier this month.

The police released a statement that said: “An individual driving a 4x4 vehicle hit cones and barriers placed to protect the mosque of Creteil. Failing to pass the obstacles, the driver of the vehicle continued to race, crashed into a median, and then fled. There were no wounded among the worshippers. The driver and owner of the vehicle was arrested.”

The head of Paris police, Michel Delpuech, said an investigation was under way to find the motive behind the attack and to decide the charges to bring against the attacker.

Over the last year, Europe has witnessed an increasing number of attacks in which a vehicle was used to ram into crowds of people. There were 3 attacks in London, 1 attack in Stockholm, 1 in Berlin, and 1 in Nice France. All of these were claimed by ISIS except for one in London where the attack targetted a mosque.