Palestinian Nurse Killed By Israeli Snipers While Treating Wounded Protesters on Gaza Border

A young nurse has been shot dead by Israeli forces in Gaza, the latest killing of medical staff following weeks of violence against Palestinian protesters.

Razan al-Najjar was a 21-year-old volunteer paramedic who had helped treat protesters injured by Israeli live fire.

Najjar was shot by Israeli snipers on the eastern border of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

She was wearing a white medical jacket when she was shot in the chest.

Snipers aim to KILL. This was NOT an accident. She was one of the first female medical volunteers to treat the protesters weekly. According to her colleagues, she previously fainted twice due to gas inhalation and on April 13th she broke her wrist after falling while running to attend to a wounded protester. This was her tenth protest serving as a field nurse.

She was interviewed by the New York Times last month and they asked her why she did this. To which she responded, “Our job is to save lives and evacuate people. We don’t do it for money, we do it for God. We don’t want to get paid or be employed”.

Targeting medics is a war crime under the Geneva convention.

Israeli snipers have been deployed to the Gaza border and shot hudreds of unarmed Palestinian protesters over the past seven weeks.

Friday’s death marks weeks of demonstrations on the Gaza border, beginning 30 March, which has seen at least 123 Palestinian protesters killed by Israeli Snipers.

The protests - dubbed “the Great Return March” - called for the right of return of refugees, and peaked on May 14 when the US moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the contested city of Jerusalem.

Over 61 Palestinians were killed and 2,400 injured on that day, while tens of thousands protested along the besieged strip’s border.

Israeli snipers fired live rounds and tear gas at protesters, with condemnation from the UN and human rights groups.