I Lost my Older Brother in April

By Asema

I lost my older brother in April, one morning I woke up getting ready for work on a normal Thursday when I heard my mom screaming my older brother’s name. I thought she was screaming for help since my mom is prone to seizures.

I run to see and there she wass in his room screaming in horror and my brother on the floor in sajdah position, blue from head to toe. I knew he was dead the second I saw him. I couldn’t react, I couldn’t scream. I had my mom leave the room to call for an ambulance not telling her he was dead.

My world collapsed that day, and my parents’ happiness has been taken away since then. I’ve lost my guardian, my protector, my only older brother in this life and nothing can or will be able to replace that. I wouldn’t wish my worst enemies the pain of losing a sibling, the pain of seeing your parents lose a child, their first born, the one not days ago telling them how proud he will make them.

As I write this I can’t help but down in tears. I want to share my story hoping those around realize the importance of family and how Allah does not give you a second more or a second less than what is predetermined.

My 24 year old healthy brother died from a heart attack. Cherish family and create long lasting memories, never let your parents shed a single tear unless it is tears of joy. Everything in this life is merely temporary.