Retired Russian Colonel: We Have Nuclear Missiles Planted Off the Coasts of America

A senior retired Russian army officer claimed that his country planted nuclear missiles deep into the Atlantic Ocean off the eastern coast of the United States. He said those missiles are capable of triggering a tsunami that can flood major US cities, The Telegraph reported.

“The Americans are deploying their tanks, aircraft and special forces along the border with Russia, and we are calmly planting their coasts with nuclear missiles,” Colonel Victor Baranets said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Kosmolskaya Pravda in response to the intensification of US military presence in along the Russian border.

“They have been planted in the deep in the ocean and are awaiting orders.” He added.

The retired officer explained that the detonation of these missiles will result in monster waves (Tsunami) capable of destroying large US cities such as New York and Miami.

“Russia had to find an effective way to defend itself, at a time when it reduced its military spending compared to the United States; which is ten times higher” the former military official said.

A Russian government spokesman dismissed Paranites’ claims as “strange” and was quoted by the British Daily Mail as saying the reports should not be taken seriously.

Source: The Telegraph newspaper.