From the Darkness of Night Clubs to the Light of Islam: The story of Nicole Queen

One night after a photo shoot, I met my future husband Hassan while visiting some friends. He was going through a time of soul searching similar to mine. He was born a Muslim but was not practicing his religion as should. When we met we related to each other’s struggles. Hassan was talking to me about Islam and suggested that I take classes to learn about the religion. I started noticing that the Mulsim people that I was meeting have discipline and purpose in their lifes. They stand out amongst everyone else as “you are all drinking, you are all partying and dressing this way, but not us”. When I started learning about Islam I got addicted to it. I would stay up all night watching Youtube videos about Islam especially those of Yusuf Estes.

The more she learned about the foundation of Islam the more she felt it was exactly what she needed. I needed something strong to tell me you have to stop living this crazy life if you want to have more purpose. When I started converting to Islam, it was a long transition, it seemed like a rollercoaster at the time, it seemed like everything was happening all at once, it felt like a big blur. Now looking back I see that I made a good transition and took steps. One step was I needed to know the foundations, the pillars, the basic belief system andmake sure it was something I can believe in.

In April 2007, I finally decided to embrace Islam and took my Shahada. My life has been transformed since then, I wear the Hijab now and I’m a member of the Muslim American Society. Islam and Christianity are so close that for me coming to Islam was like ‘home away from home’. These days me and my husband Hasan we live busy lifes working in the heart of Dallas.