Never Give Up

One day my mother was going down the stairs and she slipped on her back. My mom was three months pregnant with me. The doctors told her that I would not be able to walk or talk or do anything. They said, “you should abort her.”

My wise mother knew that the doctors were wrong. She had an emergency C section on November 8th 1994 because I did not fully turn.

When I was nine months old I was experiencing constant seizures. The doctors said to my mom that I had epilepsy. My father and mother took me to the hospital every week until one doctor had found a cure. The doctor gave me a medicine that eliminated the seizures. The medicine caused me to eat a lot. I was not able to walk until I was three.

When I was five years old, teachers noticed that I struggled in classes. My mother received a call from the school saying that I failed my hearing tests. My mother took me to an audiologist and she said to my mother that I have 80% hearing loss in my left ear and that my right ear was normal.

That day in the doctor’s office changed my life. I was constantly put down by teachers. I was assigned a hearing itinerant. She helped me learn how to lip read. She taught me how to survive in school. However during high school and middle school I stopped trying.

After middle school, I was assigned a new hearing itinerant and she didn’t want me to strive. I pushed myself to overcome her and managed to graduate high school with honors and college with high honors. I managed to teach myself sign language and pursue a career in my major, web design.

My message is for those of you who are struggling remember that Allah is with you and to never give up!

By @hijabee94