Uplifting Messages Of Love From Neighbors of Naperville Islamic Center

By Wali Khan @wali_khann

Trump this and Trump that. Islamophobia this and Islamophobia that. I’ve become so sick and tired of filtering through hate filled garbage on social media and all media in general. So let me share something positive, uplifting, and hopeful.

On my way to the mosque for Friday prayer yesterday, I saw a large gathering of folks circled outside the prayer center holding various signs in their hands. From a distance it appeared as though it was a protest of some sort as that has been a growing trend in certain states.

However, after a closer glance, I witnessed they were actually our neighbors from neighboring cities. They had gathered with flowers and signs that had overwhelming messages of love and support written all across.

At the conclusion of the prayer, they all came inside where the prayer was held, exchanged words of compassion (and refreshments of course). A woman named Kelly reassured me if there was ever a “muslim registry”, she would undoubtedly be the first to register (crossed her heart ).

I was left speechless at how much love has come out of one man’s attempt to segregate and marginalize our society. Grateful to God for the support He has granted us in these times and the unity that has come about.