Muslim Girl Kidnapped Outside Virginia Mosque Found Dead in Pond

17 year old Nabra Hassanen was kidnapped early Sunday outside the ADAMS center mosque in Sterling Virginia. According to Mosque officials Nabra was attending Ramadan prayers at the mosque then took a break with her girl friends to go get some food from a nearby town center around 3am.

While the girls were walking back towards the Mosque, a car pulled up next to them, there was shouting and then a man got out of the car and attacked them with a baseball bat. The girls dispersed and run towards the mosque and when they regrouped they realized Nabra was missing.

People at the mosque called the police around 4am and they immediately started looking for the missing girl. They found her body in a pond around 3pm. It’s not clear how the police identified the suspect but they have arrested a hispanic man named Darwin Martinez Torres and charged him with the murder of the Muslim teen.