My Mom is Not Muslim But She Always Supported Me

By Eric Tibbetts

When I accepted Islam, I didn’t mention it to my mom until the morning I was on my way to the Masjid to say the Shahada. She said “if that’s what you want to do, I support you”.

I got nervous and decided to go back home because no one told me it was Eid and a million people would be at the Masjid. When my mom saw I came home, she sent me back to the Masjid because she knew I had been reading about Islam for two months before.

I had people in my family getting upset when they saw I was reading so much about Islam but my mom encouraged me to do so. My mom never saw me reverting as just a phase or something temporary, she knew it was for life. My mom bought halal food for me and even woke me up for Fajr if I wasn’t awake because she knew I loved going to the Masjid to pray it.

She got to know many of the parents in the community and considers them some of her closest friends. She always talked with the Imam of the Masjid and the whole community treated her like she was a part of it. If she saw Muslims around town, she would tell them her son is Muslim. I’d literally meet people in the Masjid who would tell me my mom already mentioned me to them.

I would be with my mom in the grocery store and Muslims would smile and say salaam to her and I would have to ask her who they are because I had never met them. They would ask “is this your son” and I would then know she probably told them I am Muslim.

My mom to this day knows many of my Muslim friends and she never stops talking about how great they are. She asks about every single one when she calls me. She even knows different Arabic words such as Salaam, Alhamdulillah, insh’Allah etc. and uses them herself.

I wish my mom was Muslim as well as my family. However, I never did force it on them or pressure them and I make du’a one day my mom will accept it insh’Allah. A Palestinian man I was close to in my Masjid always told me to show Islam to my mom through my actions and character and that would be enough.

Alhamdulillah the Muslim parents in my Masjid taught me the importance of mothers in Islam and how I should treat her. My mom isn’t Muslim but she always supported me.