Muslim Woman from New York Fought Rapist until her Husband Arrived

Monday, May 30, 2016 9:30 p.m. Bronx, New York City. 51 years old Nenegale Diallo hears someone knocking on the door, she opens thinking it’s her son. Instead a stranger storms into her apartment. The man’s name is Nash, he is 43 years old, who previously spent nine years of his life in jail for drugs related charges and was released on July of last year.

Thinking the intruder was a thief she starts pleading with him “I’ll give you money”. But that’s not what he was after: he starts taking his pants and says “I don’t want money. I’m going to rape you.”. He then rips off her clothes and starts beating her as she desperately fights back. He “said a lot of bad words. He hit me too much. He takes the chair. He hits me in the head. While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die. He tried to kill me.”

This is not the first time Nash tried to harm a woman: in 2003 he kept a 17 year old girl captive for 2 days during which he sexually abused her and beat her to the point that her shoulder was dislocated. He also was arrested 19 times for crimes including robbery, assault and arson.

Fortunately, her sister who was in the apartment alerted the husband by phone and helped her sister fight the rapist.

When the husband Mamadou Diallo who is a taxi driver, arrives at the apartment building, he grabs a tire iron and takes the elevator to the sixth floor. As the elevator door opens, his wife naked in the hallway shouts “That’s him! Don’t let him out!”

Nash draws his belt out and starts hitting Mamadou who fights back with the tire iron. A nasty fight ensues during which blood splashes all over the hallway and the elevator.

When police arrived they found Nash suffering severe injuries to the head and body. He is taken to Lincoln Hospital where he is pronounced dead. Police arrested Mamadou and he appeared before the judge in the Bronx Criminal Court.

center is Mamadou Diallo in handcuffs at the exit of the 42nd Precinct

At the court Mamadou was greeted with cheers and applause from supporters when Judge Julio Rodriguez ordered him released on his own recognizance. He is due back in court June 27. Mamadou’s Attorney Anthony Michaels said “This was an attack on his family under extreme circumstances. What happened was a tragedy. This happened to a woman allegedly in her own home. And what followed, certainly you don’t want to see anybody killed, but you also don’t want to see innocent people’s lives disrupted to this extent”.

Neighbors were supportive of Mamadou and insisted him and his family were good peaceful people. Neighbr Rouguiatiou Ly told news reporters “They are so peaceful. There’s never any fights or problems. The lady is very nice. He’s a nice person, he was just defending himself.”

Another neighbor said “He has a right to defend his wife. What are you going to do if somebody comes in and tries to rape your wife?”

Mamadou’s brother Ibrahima Diallo “He was protecting himself. This man said he’s going to kill him, kill his family.”

The good thing is that police were able to recover a video recording from the hallway camera that should help in Mamadou’s case.