Man Assaults Jewish Woman on NY Subway, Muslim Teen Chases Him Down

Ahmed Khalifa was onboard the subway train when he saw a man hit a woman on the face and smash her eye glasses. The woman was quietly reading a book when attacked. “It was a very hard slap, I almost could feel the slap,” Khalifa told the press. “He was 6-foot-6, and a very big, big guy.”

The woman fell down and got bruises and swelling on her face and lips. She even lost consciousness for a few seconds then started crying “Why would he do this to me?” as another woman tried to help her.

When the attacker, later identified as 31 years old Rayvon Jones, got off the train and started walking away, Khalifa followed him. “A lady told me to run after the guy. It took me a while to catch up. He started sprinting.”

But Khalifa lost track of the guy and started asking for help. A Jewish man passing by offered to help. “He was driving, so I got in. We were just talking about how it was a hate crime. We found him at the bus stop and called the Shomrim [Jewish safety patrol].”

They waited until police arrived. By that time Jones had boarded the bus. “I got out and looked at the window and yelled: Get out you coward why are you trying to hide!. He pulled on his hoodie like he was trying not to be recognized.” After the Police removed him from the bus, Jones started screaming “I’m going to kill all of you! I’m going to kill all of you!”.

Attacker arrested by NYPD

Khalifa later said “Some people are like ‘she s Jewish, why did you help her,’ I’m like ‘everyone is equal. I treat everyone the same way’”